Why Camila Mendes Says She’s Excited For Riverdale to End

Camila Mendes is ready to leave the world of Riverdale behind her.

The actress has played Veronica Lodge since The CW series premiered in 2017, but now, she’s looking to challenge herself with different roles when Riverdale ends its run following its upcoming seventh season.. “There’s so much more I want to experience, there’s still so much more I want to achieve, and I get a small window to do that between seasons,” Camila told InStyle in an interview published Sept. 15. “I want to have other things under my belt. I don’t want it to just be Riverdale.”

But the actress doesn’t want people to get it twisted, explaining that she’s enjoyed her time on the campy, sometimes bizarre show. She noted that she’s met some of her closest friends on the series and still finds ways to grow in the role, saying, “Riverdale taught me so much, and what a blessing to be able to act every day. Not a lot of actors have that privilege.” 

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