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Parshuram is a mythological show that will soon air on a new Hindi channel called Atrangii. Starring Vishal Aditya Singh as the protagonist, the show will bring to life the journey of Parshurama the incarnation of Lord Vishnu. Ancient scriptures record that Parashurama was born to the Brahman sage Jamadagni and the princess Renuka, a member of the Kshatriya class. When Jamadagni suspected Renuka of an unchaste thought, he ordered Parashurama to cut off her head, which the obedient son did. The show is about his journey in this world, the experiences he has and how he retired into the mountains.

Talking about the same actor Vishal Aditya Singh said, “I am super excited to play the character of Parshurama, as it is for the first time on television where the story of a legend, Parshurama will be showcased on television. I am thankful and blessed to have got a chance to play this character as to make the audience aware of his story and contribution to the Indian mythological history. Also, not many shows on television have male characters as lead, so I feel lucky to be part of a show that does.”

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