Vidhi Pandya is inspiring fans to fulfil their dreams : The Tribune India

Sony TV’s Mose Chhal Kiye Jaaye features how Soumya (Vidhi Pandya) inspired her mother-in-law Sushma (Alka Badola Kaushal) to become independent by starting her own business. The story is quite inspirational.

Talking about it, Vidhi Pandya, who essays the role of Soumya in the show, says, “I believe that this is an extremely progressive track picked up by the show. Although a lot of shows and stories today revolve around how a young individual makes their way into the tough world, Mose Chhal Kiye Jaaye, on the contrary, is focusing on how someone who has seen a lot of the world and aged gracefully might also wish to follow the dreams she created for herself originally.”

She adds, “I believe that pursuing your dreams, no matter at what point in life, is very important for any individual to feel successful. It’s not just moral and physical independence, but financial independence and literacy that are very important as well. The latest track highlights a beautiful learning experience for all the viewers. I hope they enjoy the story and also get inspired by how Sushma, even at her age, is open to start her own business and finally becoming financially independent, in spite of living in an extremely well-to-do family.”

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