TV anchor calls Telugu actor Vishwak Sen mad, depressed; asks him to get out of studio; Twitterati calls it ‘shameful’ : The Tribune India

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Chandigarh, May 3

A video of aTV9news anchor insulting Telugu actor Vishwak Sen has taken the internet by

Storm. In the video, TV9 news anchor Devi Nagavalli can be seen asking the actor to get out of the studio. It happened when Vishwak objected to Devi’s remarks about him. He tells her she has no right to call him depressed following which, Devi berates him and asks him to ‘get out of her studio’. The video has left netizens upset. From questioning her behaviour to asking TV9 to fire here, there are all sorts of tweets pouring in on the video.

In the video, Sen is heard telling the television anchor, “So, you don’t have the right to attack me personally. So, you better mind your tongue and not call me the depressed person or paagal Sen. You understand.” And the anchor repeatedly says, “You can get out of my studio.”

Watch the video here:

Sen responds, “You f****g..you guys called me.” And as he gets up from his chair with the intension to leave, an irate Devi starts yelling at him and asks him to get out of the studio.

The way Devi Nagavalli, the anchor in the video, handled the entire situation has left netizens angry. They are calling it ‘unethical’ and ‘irresponsible’. Some even asked the channel to fire her.

A user wrote, “@TV9Telugu first you called speaker than abuse them, how you told get out whom you welcomed first!! No ethics at all, you are a journalist, responsible news channel, one pillar of democracy shame on you.”

“Immortality on its peak, police should investigate this kind of behaviour, first inviting and act like dogs and birches. They have no moral. Half of them only air and bark on the guests they invite. Indian media only brought shame nothing else. And why hire such immature 14 yr,” commented a user.

“@TV9Telugu anchors think they can call anyone depressed/pagal and intimidate them. The anchor is arrogant and unprofessional. Blackmark in journalism,” wrote another user.

Here are some of the reactions:

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