‘There is more to me than just acting,’ says actress Maninee De : The Tribune India

How will you describe your journey in TV industry?

I have been fortunate to be remembered for many roles. People have loved me as Gurumaa from Naamkaran. I am blessed to have been offered characters which are meaty, well defined and have an arc of their own. People do walk up to me and remember things about Pari of Jassi Jaissi Koi Nahin or Honey from Krrish.

After doing such iconic roles, do you often feel the pressure of taking up different roles on TV?

I have been through the process of being typecast as a negative or a comedic actor, but again, I will say I am blessed that I have been offered various kinds of roles and that has helped me showing my versatility.

What are you up to these days?

I am doing podcasts. I am also a mental health consultant and voice artist. There is more to me than just acting.

What is a complete no-no for you when it comes to taking up roles on TV or OTT?

I am clear about what I want to do. Anything that does not resonate with me, I say no to that. I am not open for skin show. I don’t like explicit content and I feel that lots can be conveyed without shedding your clothes.

What’s your working style?

You wouldn’t catch me getting into something without all my heart. I am clear about what my path is. I am a happy person, and I do not like drama. The only drama that I indulge in is when I am shooting.

If you could change one thing about the television industry, what would that be?

The entertainment industry has been an ever-evolving one. It’s been changing with the times definitely, and there’s been a sea change since I’ve come in. It’s become more organised in certain ways, which I really appreciate. There is a lot more transparency. Back then, it was a little different for television actors but the best shows were made at that time! So, I’m not going to rule that out either.

With so much uncertainty around in terms of Covid, does work-life balance still a concern for you?

Work-life balance is very important and I am very clear about my timings. I’m very clear about the conditions that I work in. I definitely have understood the importance and the essence of spending time with myself, with my family.

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