Sumona Chakravarti to host Zee Zest’s new show Shonar Bengal : The Tribune India

Zee Zest has announced a new show titled Shonar Bengal, which will premiere on March 30. It will see Sumona Chakravarti explore the rich state of Bengal and discover its lesser-known stories and experiences.

Throughout the show, she also offers viewers a glimpse into the diverse cultural destinations across literature, art, music, and community, via a 10-part travelogue that’s sure to make one say Abar Korbo. The wondrous landscape of Bengal is a recollection of different cultures, unique culinary stories, art forms and tribes, including international influences like Jewish and European that when blended together, add a beautiful flavour to its vibrant culture and lifestyle.

Sumona says, “I got a chance to explore the state and unravel the stories that have been a part of my childhood, but from a distance. This show gave me a chance to get up close & personal and experience them for the first time. Being able to interact with people from diverse cultural background has been surreal and a great learning experience for me. The magnificent beauty of Bengal never fails to surprise me. I feel extremely honoured to be a part of the show.” 

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