Star Plus’ new show ‘Yeh Jhuki Jhuki Si Nazar’ stars Ankit Siwach in the lead role. Here’s a chat with the actor : The Tribune India

How does it feel to be back with Star Plus?

I started my acting career with Star Plus’ show Rishton Ka Chakravyuh and now it feels great to be back on the channel once again. I consider myself very lucky to be here again.

What is your character in the show like?

I am playing the character of Armaan in the show.He is a responsible person, who has gone through many difficult situations in life. He may be broken from the inside, but he is very strong on the outside. He balances himself very well. He has great humility. He finds the good even in a bad person.

Tell us about the preparations you have

done for the show…

I think the story of the show is of people who are present in our society everywhere. So, I did not have to search for inspiration for my character or do any such deep research. I only had to learn by going deep into my thoughts and remembering old anecdotes or experiences of someone.

What is the special element for the viewers of this show?

There is a lot in this show for the viewers. It has a very strong message to give to society, apart from the mature content that the present generation wants to see. It is a family show from which people will learn a lot. People of all age-groups can watch this show, enjoy it and connect themselves with it.

How do you see the Hindi television industry as of now?

The reach of the Hindi TV industry has grown. I have visited many places in the north and north-east, and TV has reached every corner. The actors are recognised everywhere.

Have you shot any outdoor scenes?

We shot in Delhi; some scenes in Chandni Chowk and some on the terrace of Jama Masjid.It was a lot of fun shooting every scene in the chill of Delhi. My hometown is in Meerut, which is not far from Delhi, so after taking some time out from the schedule, I came back to my home.

Tell us about the bond you share with your co-star Swati Rajput…

I met Swati for the first time at a mock-shoot and we made a connection from there. We both learn a lot from each other on the sets. I have been privileged to work with all my colleagues; they have a wealth of experiences, they have done theatre, films and many other things. It is a great learning curve.

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