Shweta Tripathi makes an entry into the podcast world through Spotify India’s show ‘Batman: Ek Chakravyuh’ as Barbara Gordon. Here is a chit-chat with the actress : The Tribune India

What prompted you to take up this show?

Ever since I started working as an actor, I wanted to do something with my voice. I had a fascination for animation films since childhood. Radio was my constant companion when I used to go to college. My mom used to play sitar and is also a singer. I have always found Batman very cool. And this was a huge opportunity.

What was your preparation for this podcast?

Music inspires me a lot. I have heard a lot of Batman soundtracks. I used to understand a lot of things from my director, Mantra, especially technicalities, like how far I needed to stand from the microphone, how to breathe and more. I have done voice overs before, but never an audio series like this one.

What are the differences between a podcast and dubbing?

Dubbing is like lip-syncing where you recreate the emotions that you have already showcased visually. Podcasts are more fluid because you are not following any videos. Podcast is all about the beauty of sound.

What are your favourite podcasts?

I wanted to listen to the fictional podcasts, especially Mahabharat, as I have heard a lot of good things about it. I quite like Bhaskar Bose on Spotify. Now when I am a creator, I will consume too!

What do you feel is the future of podcast in India?

The future is bright. It’s very immersive and quite personal, individual experience. One can listen to a podcast while travelling, cooking and doing a lot of other things.

During your childhood, were you fascinated by superheroes?

Yes, a lot. I guess the way superhero films are made – whether it’s the costume, the special effects—the final outcome is very grand.

You are consistently doing good roles on OTT. Has this medium changed your career in a big way?

I never wanted to restrict myself to a certain medium. To me it’s always about the performance, the character. Whether it’s on radio, stage, OTT or films; as long as I am excited to play the role, I am okay with it. Also, I want my audience to be excited to watch my work.

Any one genre which you want to touch now as an actor?

I want to act in a superhero movie.

What is your unwinding process?

Recently, I have started with meditation and I am also reading a lot, especially graphic novels.

How has the pandemic changed you as a person?

The pandemic taught me how to understand myself better. Listen to your creative core because it speaks to us. Smile more, spread love as much as you can. 

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