Remo D’Souza is back on small screen with Zee TV’s DID L’il Masters Season 5. He talks about what is in store in the new season : The Tribune India

What sets DID L’il Masters Season 5 apart from any other dance reality show?

I think the name of DID is enough, it has consistently set benchmarks for everyone and it will always remain the same.

What is in store for the audiences in this season?

The audience has so much in store for them with this new season, and you can make it out just by watching the promos. There is fantastic talent, beautiful dancers and more.

What is it that you look for in the contestants while judging them?

I want to see these kids’ passion for dance and their excitement of coming to the stage of one of the most iconic dance reality shows. I am judging kids for the first time and have not kept a standard in my mind yet. So, I will watch the performances and evaluate them on the basis of that.

How have reality shows helped the younger generation take up dancing as a profession?

I think reality shows have made a significant difference. The level of dancing has increased, and I feel very grateful when parents come to me and want their children to be professional dancers.

Can you share one vivid memory related to dance?

I have always been a big fan of Michael Jackson and wanted to meet him. So, when he had come to India, I was standing outside the Andheri Sports Complex since I couldn’t afford a ticket at that time. I was also waiting for him in the crowd with thousands of other people and could only see his hands from there. But when DID Season 1 started, his brother Jeremy Jackson came to India and personally met me. That is one of the memory I will always cherish.

Do you think dance can become a successful career option in our society?

Yes, I have seen many dancers grow and flourish in this industry. I have witnessed many people who have come to me as contestants, but are now a big name in the dance industry.

Tell us about your dream before Rangeela happened and your dream now?

My dream before Rangeela happened was that I wanted to settle in Mumbai and become a dancer. But now, my dream is to start a music institute where I can give certifications and provide a government-authorised courses to young dancers.

What opportunities will you give to the participants of DID Li’l Masters Season 5 if they do not win?

I don’t believe winning and losing matter, since only one contestant will win but others learn a lot. Even in my group, some people haven’t won but are an inspiration to various country dancers, like Raghav, Punit, et al.

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