Paranthas chills

Nupur Joshi says she is not exactly cryophilic, but she loves the winter. The actress also calls it “sweater weather” because she not only loves the kind of clothes one gets to wear during this time but also the variety of food that is available.

“Mumbai winters are much more subtle as compared to the Northern states. Being a pahadi, I do have a good resistance to cold, so sometimes I do miss my kind of chilly winters in Mumbai,” says Nupur. Talking about her preferred holiday destination, she adds, “There are two states at the moment in my bucket are my native place Pithoragarh (Uttarakhand) and Ladakh. Europe is a year-round destination which I am also planning to explore soon.”

Ask her about what she loves to eat, Nupur says, “The feel in the air makes me crave for all the rich Indian delicacies, starting from parathas to grilled food to everything fried.”

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