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Covid and lockdowns have affected the way we have been living our lives. Not only has it taken a toll on our sleep, but also had an adverse effect on our daily routine. On World Sleep Day today, which aims to raise awareness about sleeping disorders, celebrities share how they ensure they take enough rest. With this year’s theme, ‘Quality Sleep, Sound Mind, Happy World’, they also talk about their sleep routine.

Classical ragas

A minimum of six hours of sleep is a must for me. When you sleep well you wake up with better focus and good energy, which is so important for better functioning. Hot water bath, oiling of feet and listening to good classical ragas help me sleep better. — Vaishalee Thakkar, Actor

Best relaxant

Sleeping recharges every cell in the body. It is the best relaxing activity that one can indulge in. If I had a choice, I would be sleeping like a cat in the afternoon as well. Earlier my sleep was undisturbed and used to be for eight-ten hours, but having crossed 40, even six-seven hours of sleep is a luxury. — Hasan Zaidi, Actor

Occupational hazard

Unfortunately, I do not have a fixed sleep schedule. Saturday is my only day off, so I try to make up for the lost hours of sleep. Saving lives for me is more significant than getting eight hours of sleep. What can I say, it’s an occupational hazard, but worth it for sure! — Somy Ali, Actor

No fuss at all

The pandemic regulated my sleep pattern. There was a time I used to sleep for nine hours a day, but now it has come down to seven. I generally go to sleep without any fuss, so all is well. I can’t stay awake beyond 12 at night. If I don’t sleep well, I am cranky the next day. — Pragati Mehra, Actor

Calming effect

Sleep is very important for health and the body to function properly. I try to keep myself away from the phone before I go to bed. I don’t watch any series, films or shows, or listen to news just before sleeping. I just calm myself down and meditate for 15-20 minutes before I sleep. — Vijayendra Kumeria, Actor

Deep slumber

I don’t sleep for long hours. Five hours of deep sleep is good enough for me. I make sure that I take a warm water bath before I go to bed. I like sleeping with my stomach full (I know most people do the opposite), but my last meal is basically on the bed before I doze off. — Ayush Anand, Actor

Discipline is must

The lockdown has made me go for a disciplined lifestyle. My body works like a clock. I believe in waking up early because that’s the time I can connect with myself. I need a minimum of five-six hours of sleep. I prefer listening to calming music or sometimes reading a book. I keep my phone away to avoid distractions when I am sleeping. — Hemant Chaddha, Actor

Energy booster

I love my beauty sleep. That’s my real energy booster, which went for a toss during the first lockdown. I was in the USA and during the second lockdown, I landed in UK time zone. There are days when I sleep for 12 hours at a stretch. I always listen to my body. I don’t suffer from insomnia, so I get scared when I don’t feel sleepy. In that case I just put on some soothing music and it really helps me sleep. — Hansa Singh, Actor

Working hard

I think sleeping on time is a must. In my acting career, I always had early morning shoots so I slept around six to seven hours. A hard working day helps me get peaceful sleep. I like going to sleep early if I go to gym in the evening. A walk is a must for a good sleep. — Charrul Malik, Actor

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