‘Mere bhai ka Swayamvar’, Shaan ix excited about Mika Di Vohti : The Tribune India

What prompted you to take up this show?

When my brother, my best friend, decided to take the plunge and approached me to host the show, I could not say no to that. I am getting an opportunity to host my best friend’s, mere bhai ka Swayamvar. From a show’s perspective, it is a different concept from what I have ever done before.

You are making a comeback on TV as a host after a gap of 14 years. What would be new this time?

The show is new and the concept is very unique. I have played host on several music reality shows, but for the first time I have been approached for such a show. As an artiste, I like to explore new things and this is a challenging opportunity with the comfort of having my best friend as a part of it.

Tell us about your relationship with Mika Singh.

We have known each other for more than a decade now and we admire each other’s work and creativity. We have judged many TV shows on different occasions. Our relationship goes beyond our professional association. Mika is family to me and my wife.

What was your first reaction when Mika told you that he is ready to get married?

Radhika (Shaan’s wife) and I had been wanting Mika to find a partner for a long time. It was a welcome thought which made me and my wife say, “Finally…”

What did your wife say about you hosting this show?

She is more excited than me. We both are looking forward to seeing him settle down and join our ‘Only Married Club’.

Do you believe that you will be able to find the perfect life partner for Mika?

There is no perfect person or perfect partner. I have been married for so long and I feel the recipe for a successful marriage is the individual itself. 

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