Meet the source of positivity in Hitesh Bharadwaj’s life : The Tribune India

Life gives the most difficult challenges to the ones who are capable of taking them with a broad smile on, and actor Hitesh Bharadwaj is one such person who does not give up even when he hits the lowest phase in his life.

In a time when he was fumbling in uncertainty, his pet Infinity came to his rescue like a messiah and gave him hope and positivity. Hitesh believes Infinity is solely responsible for all that he is today.

Hitesh says, “The year 2021 has given me a set of experiences which I’ll probably never forget. The initial start of the year wasn’t that great because my dad got Covid and I was just going through a tough phase. That’s when I got to know about this dog adoption centre in Mumbai called Pawfect Life and when I visited that place, my life changed. The kind of love I received from the dogs there, I was overwhelmed, and I adopted a puppy and named him Infinity. I believe his arrival has got a lot to do with the kind of positivity I have in my life.”

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