Kiku Sharda teams up with Bhuvaneshwar Kumar for a cricket campaign : The Tribune India

With the Indian Premier League (IPL) Season 15 going on, cricket lovers across the country are talking about the game. Actor and comedian Kiku Sharda, who is known for The Kapil Sharma Show, is also a huge cricket fan.

Kiku is taking out time to catch up on all the matches, while hoping and praying that his favourite team, Mumbai Indians, wins this year. And now, Kiku has taken his love for the sport a step ahead by signing up for Playerz Pot’s IPL Cricket ka Bhoot campaign. He plays the character of the flying Bhoot, and represents all the cricket fanatics suffering from IPL fever.

Accompanying him in the campaign is none other than cricketer Bhuvaneshwar Kumar aka Bhuvi. Their onscreen chemistry is the heart of this campaign. On teaming up with Bhuvi, Kiku said, “It’s very exciting to work with Bhuvi. On screen, there is no love or sparks flying between us but yes, there is a different kind of chemistry and hopefully people will enjoy that (laughs). I am a little flamboyant and aggressive in my approach, while he is a calm and docile person, so it’s a great combination. We are enjoying every bit of this journey.”

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