Jyoti Saxena wants to act in an action thriller : The Tribune India

Jyoti Saxena, who is known for her endearing personality and adorable looks, has expressed her desire to work in a certain genre of film. The actress shares, “Whenever I get any offers, I have always been chosen in a few specific, endearing roles, but I’d like to step outside my comfort zone and work in an action thriller that would be completely

women-centric and challenge me to play a noteworthy character.”

She continues, “Action scenes are like mixing dance and science, so I really want to shoot action scenes. It calls for accuracy, and I suppose I fall into that category. Yes, an actor needs to astound their audience and allow them to see you in amazement and astonishment. Because I constantly want to challenge myself and prove myself, I hope that the public will see me in that role soon.”

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