Jeweler returns wedding ring to the wrong customer: KY woman


A Kentucky woman is searching for her wedding ring after she says Kay Jewelers gave it to the wrong customer when she brought it in for a repair.

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One Kentucky mother is on a mission to get a beloved piece of jewelry back.

Jessica Piper has been married to her middle-school sweetheart, Cody Piper, for four years, WFIE reported. When she looked at her wedding ring, she saw it as a symbol of their love.

But now, after a mix-up at a local jeweler, she has been left without her prized ring.

“Stolen & sold,” Piper captioned an April 25 post. She was hoping to get the word out about her experience, and hopefully get her ring returned to her.

“Yes, Kay Jewelers was negligent and gave my ring to the wrong person,” she said in the post. “A college student, whose name I don’t know, had my ring and sold it on Snapchat.”

Her initial post has 1,600 shares on Facebook as of May 10.

The Muhlenberg County woman took her ring to Kay Jewelers for a small repair and never got it back, she told WFIE.

“My husband went in and said, ‘I’m here to pick up my wife’s ring,’” Piper told the news outlet. “And they said, ‘We don’t have a ring. Someone picked it up.’”

After getting the company involved, Piper said the man who took home her ring has since sold it.

Kay Jewelers confirmed the woman filed a report about the Bowling Green location but declined to comment on the details.

McClatchy News reached out to Kay Jewelers headquarters for additional information on May 10 and was awaiting a response.

Still, Piper is hopeful that her beloved piece of jewelry will be returned.

“We’re getting the word out,” she wrote. “Let’s find my ring!”

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