‘I’ve evolved with time’: Vivian Dsena, who is seen in the show Sirf Tum, talks about what goes on in his mind while performing & more : The Tribune India

What do you think is the secret behind a great performance?

When you’re scared of performing you do better; there are scenes where you have those butterflies in your stomach and you are constantly thinking about how to do well. That is what keeps you alive as an actor, those butterflies in your stomach are very important!

Can you throw some light on your fitness journey?

I’ve always been a footballer, but never been a gym person, but for the show I had to hit the gym and work very hard in order to achieve this kind of physique. I have not lost weight, but got fitter.

What went behind the preparations for the character of Ranveer Oberoi?

The thing is we had already perceived Ranveer as a college-going boy, so for that I had to look different. I needed to increase my physical strength. Like I’ve always said, I try and give my best shot for every character.

How easy or difficult is it to maintain your diet while being on the sets?

Diet is only discipline, if you’re disciplined, you will follow it. Rest all are excuses.

Actors these days are resorting to shortcuts to get the desired results. What’s your point of view?

Something that comes fast goes back fast as well; short-cuts never lead to success, if it was the road to success then I wouldn’t have been in Mumbai for the last 14 years.

Are you looking forward to adding more layers to the character?

Of course, I’m completely working on my character every now and then; be it the body language or any other aspect. Everyone likes to be in their comfort zone, but one has to take on challenges at some point.

You have come a long way career-wise from Madhubala days; right?

I’ve learnt a lot; I’ve evolved a lot. 

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