It was because of growing closeness of Meena Kumari with Dharmendra that ‘Pakeezah’ director gave lead role to Raaj Kumar : The Tribune India

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Chandigarh, March 15

There was a time famous actress Meena Kumari and superstar Dharmendra were hot topic of discussion in Bollywood because of their alleged affair. Both had worked together in many films.

However, it was due to the closeness of Dharmendra with Meena Kumari, director Kamal Amrohi did not cast Dharmendra in the film ‘Pakeezah’.

The movie ‘Pakeezah’ was a huge hit but took a long time in making, some 12 years.

The music and story line was loved by the people.

While Meena Kumari was the lead heroine in this film, Dharmendra was to be signed for the main hero. According to reports, it was because of the growing closeness of Meena Kumari with Dharmendra that Kamal Amrohi did not cast him opposite Meena Kumari, offering the role to Raaj Kumar.

At the same time, when Dharmendra was asked about this during an interview, “Kamal Amrohi did not cast you in Pakeezah because Meena Kumari was in it?”

In response, Dharmendra said, “People are jealous of me, man.”

Talking about his affair with Meena Kumari, he said, “I was not in love with Meena Kumari. She was a huge star and I was her fan. If you call the relationship between a fan and a star as love, then consider it as love.”

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