Indiana Dunes National Park to Begin Charging Entrance Fees This Week, Officials Say – NBC Chicago

Officials with the National Park Service are reminding visitors to Indiana Dunes National Park that an entrance fee will be required to enter the park beginning this week.

According to an NPS press release, an entrance fee or a federal lands pass will be required to enter the park beginning on Thursday.

According to officials, it will cost $15 per person that walks into the park, enters using a bike or a boat. It will cost a maximum of $25 per family, according to officials.

Motorcycle passes will run $20, while a one-to-seven day vehicle pass will cost $25.

Annual passes to the park will cost $45, according to the Park Service.

Holders of annual, senior, veterans, military or Gold Star passes will be allowed to enter the park without paying the fee.

Passes can be purchased in advance at the National Park Service’s website.

According to officials, the new revenue will be used to help fund deferred maintenance projects at the park, along with additional visitor services and parking improvements.

Since the federal government created Indiana Dunes National Park in Feb. 2019, it has seen its number of annual visitors rise from 1.7 million to 3 million, according to NPS data.

Visitors to the Indiana Dunes State Park will not be required to pay an entrance fee to visit that property.

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