In a candid chat, actress Rupali Suri talks about her journey in the entertainment industry and her upcoming projects : The Tribune India

From television to fashion shows to films, how has your journey been so far?

I started my television journey with Daddy Samjha Karo and then did a few shows with Gautam Adhikari. After a while I felt television was saturating for me. Then I started ramp modelling, travelled for so many prestigious fashion shows. I am like water, I flow. I want to enjoy my journey.

What is your film Organic Dosti all about?

It’s a story of friendship between an old man, who is lonely (played by Vikram Gokhale), and a young girl essayed by me. It’s an emotional tale of a beautiful relationship.

You have also played an important role in Dad Hold My Hand, which also stars Ratna Pathak Shah. How was your experience?

The film is entirely shot in London and features a young NRI who seeks his alienated father and, in the process, deserts the woman he loves. I had a great time working with Ratna Pathak Shah. Luckily, I have shared screen space with some great actors like Vikram Gokhale and Anant Mahadevan. My theatre experience has taught me to surrender myself totally to my co-actors.

Who do you consider your mentor professionally?

It’s never one because with every project you get to meet new talented actors. But yes, I was very small when I watched the late Irrfan Khan in a play and understood his power of acting. Though he was silent, but with his acting he was attracting so many people.

What kind of roles are you looking at now?

Roles which will challenge me. Whenever I read any script, I look at the conviction of the maker. And also when I get to interact with a script, I somehow feel that this role is meant for me. You can say that’s a special talent I have.

Looking back at the last two years, what have been your learnings from the pandemic?

My entire family got Covid and I understood the real meaning of basic amenities. We got to know the importance of people who really make a difference. It has made me a much more mature person.

What is that hidden talent you have discovered in yourself?

Definitely my culinary skills. I have cooked a lot of dishes in this period, and that also worked for me because last year I went to France for some work and I was there for a month. A few people were down with Covid and we were not allowed to leave our place, so I used to cook and others used to come to my room.

What keeps you busy when you are not working?

We are living with stress and thus we should all have our own stress-busters. I am an animal and nature lover. I am a kathak dancer and every morning, I try to practice. And that’s meditation for me.

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