‘I can never be vegan,’ says Vivian Dsena : The Tribune India

Vivian Dsena is very fond of cooking and eating as well. The actor says that he has never gone on vegan or any other fancy diets as he feels that after a hard day of work, he needs good food. Talking about his food habits, Vivian shares, “I feel that veganism is something that has been promoted or propagated out of proportion, and there is some profitable business behind it all. This is what I feel. Also, as far as people following vegan diet are concerned, it’s their passion. They started the diet because of their friends and soon it becomes FOMO as they think they are getting good results.”

He adds, “Anything that shocks your body will give you results. The human body is made to adapt. Most people don’t research. They won’t see if the diet suits them or not. But I just feel that if I have worked hard all day, I need good food and vegan doesn’t have that.”

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