Hiba Nawab inspired by her mother : The Tribune India

Actress Hiba Nawab, who plays Sayuri Sharma in the series Woh Toh Hai Albelaa, has always been seen in a flirtatious and naughty style on TV. She is now going to have a fresh look and give a different experience to the audience in this show, where she plays the character of a very strong and intelligent girl. For the role, she has taken inspiration from her mother

She says, “As soon as Rajan sir called me for the briefing of this character and I understood Sayuri, somewhere I had my own take on it. I started to see myself in it and wanted to get creative with it. The character resembled my mother. So, it is a big deal for me to get a chance to be like her and Rajan sir has given me that chance.” 

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