Here’s a list of games that can satisfy your Wordle itch


Wordle took the world by storm in 2022, eventually being purchased by The New York Times in late January.


Have you done your Wordle today? If not, here’s your reminder.

But before you head off and spend the next 10 minutes trying to guess a random five-letter word, why not read on to find some other games like Wordle first?

Wordle took the world by storm in early 2022, pulling hundreds of thousands into its orbit thanks to its clever share option that has had people posting mysterious black, yellow and green squares on social media every day.

The gist of the game is easy: Once a day you have to guess the word of the day in six attempts or less, crossing off potential letters as you go. The game became so popular that The New York Times acquired Wordle in late January.

Wordle took the world by storm in 2022, eventually being purchased by the New York Times in late January. Wordle

But once you’ve guessed the word of the day, you’re done until the next day. If you’ve still got that itch for guessing random words, or want to try something a little bit different, there is an abundance of options available to satisfy that craving.

Here are some of the best games that are much like Wordle:


Worldle will have you guessing random countries around the world. It’s not as easy as you think. Worldle

If there’s one thing Wordle has taught us, it’s that one letter can make all the difference. That’s the case with Worldle, which is the same concept as Wordle but you have to guess the country that is depicted.

Each guess will tell you how far away your guess is from the correct country and in what direction the correct country is in. Just like Wordle, you’re given six attempts to correctly guess the country.


Heardle will give you just one second of a song to start out with before providing you with more audio as you keep guessing. Heardle

Are you more attuned to music than words? Then Heardle is the perfect game for you.

Heardle provides you with the first second of a song and you have to guess the artist and song from that short segment. Each incorrect answer will progressively add more seconds of the song for you to listen to until you correctly guess the song.

To make things a little easier, Heardle will suggest artists and songs as you type in the submission box.


Nerdle swaps out the letters for numbers, giving people who prefer math over words a fun challenge.

Prefer numbers over words? Nerdle works just like Wordle, but you have to correctly guess a math equation rather than a word.

Just like Wordle, the game will tell you if a number or sign is in the correct position by highlighting it green, or if it’s in the equation but not in the correct position by highlighting it in purple.

Hint: An equal sign will always be part of the equation, so don’t forget to include that on your first guess.

If you can’t get enough of Nerdle, Mathler is also another great option for math-lovers.


Is one word at once not enough for you? How about four words at once?

That’s exactly what Quordle offers. It’s just like Wordle but you have to guess four words correctly in nine attempts. Each guess counts as a submission for all four words, meaning even though you may be doing well on one word, you have to bear in mind that your guesses are also counting for the other three words, too.

It’s definitely trickier than your average Wordle, but if you want a new challenge, this is the perfect place to start.

Who Are Ya?

Who Are Ya.png
You’ll need a good knowledge of European-based soccer players for this one. Who Are Ya? is the ultimate challenge to test your knowledge on European soccer. Who Are Ya?

For the soccer heads out there, Who Are Ya? is the ultimate challenge in European soccer knowledge.

Instead of guessing a word, Who Are Ya? has you guessing a soccer player that has played in one of Europe’s “big five” leagues in the 2021-22 season: The Premier League, La Liga, Serie A, Ligue 1 and Bundesliga.

The game will start with a blurred-out soccer player and each time you guess their face becomes slightly less blurred. Each time you guess a player it will list their nationality, the league they play in, the team they play for, their position and their age. Correctly guessing one of those five clues will turn it green and help you hone in on the correct player.


Feel like going on an adventure? Dungleon will satisfy your Wordle itch while also giving you a new perspective on the genre. Dungleon

There are no numbers or letters in this game, just an assortment of fun images. Dungleon will combine your love of Wordle-type games with adventure and fantasy — you have to guess the composition of a dungeon in six guesses.

At least one hero and one enemy are included in each dungeon, but past that you’re on your own. Just like Wordle, if the picture highlights green it’s in the correct position, yellow means it’s in the dungeon but in the incorrect position and red means it’s not in the dungeon.

But each dungeon also contains a set of secret rules that you have to discover as you play. For example, some pieces will only appear as correct when accompanied by another piece.

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