Gireesh Sahdev, who is essaying the role of police Inspector Ajit Pratap Singh in Sony TV’s ‘Crime Patrol 2.0’, talks about the new season : The Tribune India

What is the USP of this new season of Crime Patrol?

The new season will keep the essence of the original alive, reiterating an important message of identifying certain behaviour patterns and staying alert. Filming in real locations is the USP of Crime Patrol 2.0. The show will not just showcase some of the most spine-chilling stories, but also bring the feeling of authenticity with every episode.

Tell us about your character…

I am playing the role of PI Ajit Pratap Singh, who is part of the cop squad that solves some of the most thrilling crime cases in the cities of UP.

How is your role different from the police officers that we have seen in the past?

As far as solving crimes is concerned, my character has a unique approach. Despite his style of working, he is not always appreciated by the department but they rely on him to solve these heinous crimes. He goes above and beyond to ensure justice is served.

How is the feeling when you don the uniform?

I have played a police officer’s role numerous times in my career. I still remember the first time I donned the uniform; it was a surreal experience. Seeing myself in it every time makes me feel the same way. There is some kind of magic in those khaki uniforms that give you courage and strength to fight anything.

How do you prepare yourself for the role of a police officer?

It’s come out naturally. When I wear the uniform, I feel a sense of responsibility, which makes me want to do my best in the role. The moment I get into the attire, my body language automatically changes and I get transformed into the character of the police officer.

The show talks about being alert about the crime in your surroundings. How important do you think it is?

It is truly said that our safety is in our hands. While we have police and Armed forces for our safety, one should always have basic alertness about one’s surroundings. Whom to trust, where to go, what to carry, are all in our hands and we should take care of it on priority. For instance, there will be times when we might be alone in an unknown place, it’s then our conscious decisions and choices that will keep us safe.

How has your experience been shooting in Lucknow for this new season of Crime Patrol?

In Lucknow, we have shot in all the iconic locations of the city like Hazratganj, Gomti Nagar, the Chowk etc. It is always a thrilling experience to film in such real locations, as it makes for a wholesome experience. I am looking forward to the coming episodes to explore other parts of the country and take back a bag full of memories.

What message would you like to give to the viewers with this show?

In my opinion, all human beings are strong and capable of doing wonders, it’s just that moment of courage that is required to fight our battles. I strongly believe justice might be delayed but will never be denied, so we should never give up and keep pushing.

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