Filmmaker Siddharth Kumar Tewary has an eye for detail, believes actor Jaaved Jafferi : The Tribune India

Jaaved Jaaferi, who plays the role of Ravi Gupta, the CEO of a social media app in Disney+ Hotstar’s web series Escaype Live, is all praise for Siddharth Kumar Tewary, the maker of the series. Jaaved says, “When I first met Siddharth, I had read a brief synopsis. But when I met him and he told me how he approached the series, and the various characters that are a part of this, it was quite amazing. I loved his vision.”

He added, “He has an eye for detail. A lot of people as directors would be more technical but being a writer, he understands the emotions and psychology behind the characters and that really helps when a director can give an input to an actor on what he is looking for and how an actor should approach the character. I think he is one of the few directors that I enjoyed interacting with and developing my character with. I think he has a very bright future and this series is fantastic.”

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