Congressman Mike Quigley declines to run for Chicago mayor; Lori Lightfoot yet to make re-election run official

CHICAGO (WLS) — Congressman Mike Quigley has ruled out a run for mayor of Chicago in 2023.

In a press release Thursday morning, Representative Quigley cites his work as the co-chair on the House Ukrainian Caucus as a reason why he can’t step away to run for mayor.

Mayor Lori Lightfoot has yet to make an official announcement that she will run for re-election. Chicago businessman Willie Wilson has announced that he will run for a third time.

Quigley has served as representative for the Illinois 5th Congressional District since 2009.

Quigley issued a statement saying, “The war in Ukraine is not just about territory in Eastern Europe. It is a struggle between democracy and authoritarian rule, a tension playing out across the globe. Stopping Putin’s genocidal war in Ukraine will save thousands of innocent lives while sending an unequivocal message to tyrants around the world: the free world will not stand for your aggression and brutality.

“On this most recent trip with my colleagues from the Intelligence Committee, it became clear our work will continue for months, if not years. After much consideration, I simply cannot walk away from my duty to safeguard democracy, fight for American values abroad, and stand up for the brave Ukrainian people in their time of maximum peril. Campaigning to serve as Mayor of Chicago would not allow me to fulfill this critical obligation.

“The great city I love faces unprecedented challenges on crime, schools, equity and fiscal matters that demand 100% full-time commitment from our mayor. At age 53, I would have relished the opportunity to get Chicago back on track. If I’m being completely honest, at 63, I don’t think my family and I can make this kind of commitment.

“As a senior Member of the House Appropriations committee, I have a special responsibility to deliver the critical investments for transportation, housing, and healthcare Chicago needs to turn itself around. Shirking that duty to run for mayor would be letting my city down in its time of great need.

“To those who have encouraged me to run over the last few weeks and months, your trust and kind words have been humbling. I thank you from the bottom of my heart, and look forward to your ideas and support as I stay at my post, fighting for Chicago and our shared ideals abroad.”

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