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Happy moment

Perneet Chauhan

It was a feeling of accomplishment when I finally bought my own car. I always wanted to buy it with my own hard-earned money. In early 2018, I made my dream come true. It’s a simple car but represents my hard work. The day I got it, my parents bought me flowers and we clicked many pictures.

Tears of joy

Hansa Singh

I can’t really explain the mixed emotions I went through when it happened, as within 15 days I got my new car. The feeling was surreal giving the waiting period due to Covid. I had butterflies in my stomach and tears of joy in my eyes. My car is my extended home now!

Spacious affair

Aalisha Panwar

When I got my first car, I was doing the show Ishq Mein Marjaawan. It was a silver sedan, and I loved the colour. I had been hunting for the right car two-three weeks prior to that, as I was not able to find the perfect machine. When I saw one that was spacious and comfortable, I fell in love and bought it immediately.

Automatic zone

Charrul Malik

I got a new car for myself, which is automatic. I really like cars and once you open the rooftop, the view outside is worthwhile too.

Emotional time

Rahul Bhatia

Our first car was red in colour and we got very emotional while buying it. That time, I did not have much money, so I used to pay Rs 2,200 every month as instalment. From a two-wheeler to four-wheeler, it was a huge upgrade for me. 

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