Cate Blanchett dreams of making her own cheese : The Tribune India

Two-time Academy Award winner Cate Blanchett is still passionate about acting, but she has a yearning to do something completely different and dreams of creating her own delicious dairy delight!

During an appearance on the Smartless podcast, the Lord of the Rings star was asked to name one thing she hasn’t done yet that she’d like to do, and Cate answered: “Honestly, I want to make cheese. I just want to learn to do something different.” The 52-year-old actress enjoys taking up new hobbies and other pastimes that she has turned to include pottery. She is currently learning about beekeeping with her husband, 56-year-old screenwriter-and-director Andrew Upton.

She said: “You know, I tried the pottery thing, we’ve got bees; I just want to try something completely different. I’m being totally serious.”

The Thor: Ragnarok star also made it clear that she was not comfortable with success, despite boasting a filmography that is in its fourth decade and a slew of awards.

Even though she enjoys acting in movies, her true professional love is theatre. The Ocean’s 8 star added: “And that’s what I’ve always said to myself. I’ll take it when it comes and then I’ve got this other thing that I love. My real job is always waiting for me.” —IANS  

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