Bears safety Brisker not offended by ‘poor, hungry and desperate’ comment

New Bears safety Jaquan Brisker said Friday that he wasn’t offended by a Bears scout who described him as “poor, hungry and desperate.”

Last week during a draft-night session with the media after the Bears selected Brisker in the second round of the NFL draft, Bears scout Chris Prescott was asked what stood out about Brisker after spending time with him.

“He’s a — what would we call it? — Ph. D.? Poor, hungry and desperate,” Prescott said. “Football is his life. This is this kid’s life. There’s a lot to like about that when you see a guy who’s so passionate about football.”

Prescott no longer works for the Bears. He was among several changes the team made in the front office this week.

Prescott had worked for the Bears since May 2015. When NFL teams change general managers, they typically don’t bring in their own scouts until after the draft. Prescott joined the Bears following Ryan Pace’s first draft in charge. He has previously been a scout for the Jets and the Jaguars.

Brisker said Friday that he didn’t hear about the comment until later.

“I don’t really let things like that get to me because I’ve already been through a whole lot,” Brisker said. “People say a lot of things, but that’s not really who I am. You can’t judge a book by its cover. I’m actually a great person, great football player, and I also graduated from college at Penn State. I overcame a lot of things.”


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